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Kulfi recipe, a traditional Indian ice cream made with full fat milk. Reduced milk or malai gives a rich flavor. How to make kulfi at home

Traditional Indian ice cream is known as kulfi, learn here how to make easily malai kulfi. some of the Maharashtrian search as kulfi in Marathi on the internet or मावा कुल्फी all this you will learn here in easy steps that how to make kulfi and that too how to make kulfi at home we also provide with this recipe kulfi images so that you can make easily.

Easy Malai Kulfi Recipe:

From long till now India’s the best sweet dessert on the sticki is undoubtedly the Kulfi. This is very old; creamy, & traditional Indian ice cream is a of centuries old & has been passed down from Mughal kitchen. It is a rich type frozen dessert which is made with reduced fullfat milk &flavored with either the cardamom or the saffron.

Milk is slow-cooked on very low flame over long period with continuously stirring till it gets reduced to 1/3 of its original quantity. The reduced milk is thick in consistent with bits of malai or on top of milk.

Patience is the only key to make authentic kulfi at home. There is neither any shortcut method for achieveing the original flavor of the kulfi. You can also make instant versions of kulfi ,with evaporated milk ,condensed milk, & cream.

The instant kulfi also tastes good but the traditional method of making the malai kulfi is only the best kulfi lastly. You can take Nuts of your choice like unsalted cashew nuts or pistachios & raw almonds. which should be roughly chopped are also added. which will give a good nutty type texture to the kulfi. Try this at home.

There is another way where the mawa/ khoya is been added for a rich flavor. Traditionally the kulfi is set in terracotta pots or the Matka. You can also set kulfi in kulfi moulds which are also available in most of the stores. or you can set it in the stainless steel glass or popsicle molds available.

You One can also add different flavours according to choice. take fruit of pineapple, banana,  & other fruits can also be added to kulfi mixture before setting it in molds.

Secret of perfect recipe

Kulfi Recipe

the use of full-fat milk & sugaris preferred. Sugar,saffron or cardamom & chopped nuts are added to milk once it gets reached half its original quantity. The Skimmed type milk will not give the rich flavor or texture. You have  to be alert & ensure that the milk does not burn by stirring it at regular intervals.

Sometimes there are chances of the kulfi of not freezing properly. It only means thay you need to keep simmering & stirring it till the milk thickens goes beyond rabri consistency. It take some time for making kulfi but it is totally worth the effort & time.

You should check your freezer temp & set it at its lowest temperature.

Preparaion time: 5 min

Cooking: 90 min

total Servings: 5

Cuisine type: north indian


1) Full fatted milk 1.25 liters

2)    Powdered form Sugar 1/3 cup heap

3) Cardamom total of 4ie, powdered

4) total Pistachios 8 which should be roughly chopped (optional)

5) Saffron few str&s which are soaked in a tbsp of warm milk for 10 minutes

Kulfi Recipe

Method for making Recipe

1.  First Heat milk in wide bottomed pan & bring it to a boiling. Allow the milk simmer on medium flame till it reaches half of its original quantity. But Keep stirring in between.

2. Add the powdered sugar; cardamom powder & also roughly chopped nuts. Mix it well & keep simmering on the medium flame, stirring it, till it further reduces to almost 1/3 of its original quantity. It will have now a rabdi like consistency & like a very thick milk.

3. Turn off the gas & allow it to cool.

4. If it gets Once cool, then place the mixture in the fridge for about 2 hours. Which helps in reducing the formation of the ice crystals during the freezing process.

5. Now Place the empty kulfi molds in the freezer to get chilled.

6. In next step, remove the mixture from fridge & whisk it very well & place the mixture in the freezer. After an hour, take it out & whisk it very well or keep it mixing with a whisk to get agitate it. & Again place it back in freezer.

7. Here, only remove it after 2 hr & again repeat this whisking process. Now At this stage, pour the whisked mixture into the chilled kulfi molds & close the lid.

8.  Next step is Placing the kulfi molds in the deep freezer & allow them to set overnight or for at least 8 hrs.

9.  as soon as the kulfi is set, then place the kulfi mold in lukewarm water for a few secs to help it unmould easily.

10. Finally, Insert kebab or the ice cream stick into the kulfi & serve.  

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