Masala Chai Recipe

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Now, we talking about new day, as if you begin to walk on the streets of India, early the morning, we can find chai walas on every street corner, also sometimes in the small booth with a roof.most of the people in india prefer to have black tea in morning. I want you to know that you can here many people the black tea benefits in hindi ie,in national laungage. sometimes with we can get the the chai in a pot & a tiny fire.

As tea/chai plantations started in India as early as first decade of 19th century. But from long time then, tea/chai has grown to become as an integral part of Indian culture, & the traditions have emerged as around the beloved Indian chai. There is not a single occasion in our country which will be complete without a cup of tea/chai.

They are perfectly handcrafted which is namely famous called as masala chai. Here i know that you will search on google such as, the meaning of cinnamon powder in hindi, cinnamon meaning in malayalam

cinnamon powder meaning in tamil, how to make tea,etc so I have answers of these questions..It is very favorite amongst most of Indians. Now, look at this simple masala chai which very, absolutely bound to us refresh us in the morning senses,as well as to give a much-needed kick of taste spark to your toungue taste buds. chai is the beginning of a new day and is a new conversation festive occasion, tea/chai has always been a part of it.

 These tea/chai walas have perfected elaborate preparation involves adding spice to the milk & tea/chai, & then straining  it& pouring it from one saucepan to other from a height of several feet.

Masala Chai Recipe

The course as -a Drink

Cuisine -Indian

Prepairation Time:- 10 minutes

Ingredients needed

Masala Chai Recipe
Masala Chai Ingredients

1)5 cardamom pods

2)1 tablespoon of black Assam Tea

3)420 ml of whole milk

4)3 tablespoon of sugar to taste

5)6 cloves

6)2 -star anise as choice

7)75mm of cinnamon stick

Masala Chai Recipe
Masala Chai Ingredients


1.            First Place all the spices, in a mortar ,except the sliced ginger. Now Crush & grind them with the pestle until they gets break into the small pieces & produce a chearfull striking aromatic scent from it.

2.            Now Place the crushed spices, tea/chai leaves ,the sliced ginger,  in the saucepan & warm them on a medium heat for about 3 to 4 min. by Using a wooden spoon,, stir It frequently to make ensure that the mixture does not burn.

3.            Add about 655 ml water to pan & bring it to boil on high heat. Now Reduce the heat flame  & let the tea/chai simmer, and all the while stirring continuesly with the spoon.

4.            Now Add the milk ,sugar & continue your stirring. Simmer it for the next 2 minutes, allowing it all the ingredients to blend. Then Remove the pan from heat & strain the tea/chai into a teapot.

5.            Pour this chai into mugs or the cups from a small height so as  to create a foam on surface of chai.

Masala Chai Recipe
Masala Chai Recipe

Some Notes:-

For making a perfect cup of masala chai, here it is not necessary to add only the mentioned spices only. You can even make it even better by adding the different types of blends to it like chocolate, vanilla & other flavours.

All you need to do is to select your favourite type of flavour & then make it as a part of above recipe. For having even richer desert type style chai, you need to just add 1 tbsp of unsweetened  cocoa powder or the chocolate at the end of the simmering ,ie,  just before the tea is strained.

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