what is Sabudana Khichdi recipe ?

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Sabudana khichdi recipe With step by step photos. Sabudana ki khichdi Is usually made during fasting days like Navratri or mahashivratri

Sabudana Khichdi is made with tapioca pearls. This khichdi is very simple & yet to flavorful. This is a vegan & gluten-free dish is so much popular in India during the breakfast & fasting & also on season of Navratri. If you ask me , then  you don’t  need an occasion to make this & eat it.

For making this khichdi  we don’t use a lot of spices & that is because itis made during fasting season & a lot of spices are not to be eaten/prohibited  during that time.

Just Few days back I ate sabudana & the picture is on my mobile & posted it on social media. & to my surprise, I received some messages asking me some tips on how to make khichdi so that, sabudana pearls/pieces remain separate & stickey that don’t turn into mush like apparance.

I think this may the biggest problem that now a days everyone faces while making the sabudana recipe. The pearls just clump together & make a gloopy mess! Well not anymore. But ,as the time passed I learnt with time & with practice & practice . Now whenever I make it,

Sabudana Khichdi

What ingredients Add

Sabudana Khichdi

I usually add potatoes, cumin seeds, green chilies, peanuts & some urry leaves into my khichdi.

You can also add spices like turmeric powder & chili powder. You can also add ginger/ginger paste  inio the khichdi or also you can add coconut would taste great.

If you making it for the fasting, then follow the recipe as except add rock salt in the place of normal salt.


1) 1 cup of sabudana ie, 180 grams

2) 1 cup of water

3) 1 tbsp of oil ,you can use oil of your choice, I used pebut/sunflower oil

4) 1/2 tea/chaispoon of cumin seeds

5) take 1 medium size potato ie, 200 grams which are chopped in small cubes

6) 2 tbsps of raw peanuts

Sabudana khichdi

7) 1 to 2 green chili finely chopped

Sabudana Khichdi

8) 6 to 7 curry leaves

Sabudana Khichdi

9) 1/2 tea/chaispoon of salt, or tas per taste, if possible then use the sendha namak if making this for fasting

10) 1/2 tea/chaispoon of sugar

11) juice of 1/2 lemon piece

12) 1 tbsp cilantro small chopped

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Method/procedure of making Sabudana Recipe

1) first Rinse sabudana into the water until water turns clear or absorbed completely by sabudana . This is very important for geting rid of all starch.

2) now, Transfer the rinsed sabudana into a large bowl & then add 1 cup of water into it.

3) till the morning, sabudana would have soaked up all of the water. But you need to still drain it using the col&er just ,only to get rid of any excess water in it.

4) To check thst, if the sabudana is ready for cooking, then press a pearl pieces between your thumb & index finger. Then It should get smash easily. Now,Set it aside.

5) Heat the oil in a pan on the medium heat. & Once the oil gets hot, then add the cumin seeds & let them sizzled for a few secs.

6) Then add diced potatoes & cook it for 3 to 4 minutes,by stirring it often until potatoes are near about cooked. It is important to dice potatoes into small here, so that  they cook quickly.

7) then Add the raw peanuts & for another 2 to 3 min.

8) Then after add green curry leaves & cook it for 1 more min.

9) now Add the drained sabudana into the pan along with the salt & sugar.

10) Mix them well until gets well combined.

11) then Cook the sabudana for few more minutes until the most of the sabudana pearls turns translucent, then stirring once or twice. Remember Do not cook it for very long time or it will stick. Remove pan from heat. Add lemon juice & cilantro & toss to combine.

12) finally Serve sabudana khichdi as hot with chilled curd it will taste awesome & dilecious.

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